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Used Heavy Equipment

Where to find used heavy machinery?

Are you looking for used heavy machinery or trucks? Which websites are good to search for machinery? We are working in the industry as a service provider for inspections and have listed for our customers a couple of related websites. We are just linking those websites and having no relation or responsibility for the content. Linked are sites from which we think those are the most relevant in Europe.

Construction Machinery, Earthmovers

Used Earthmovers, mainly from Europe: Machineryline

Used Excavators from USA and World wide Machinerytrader

Tractors and Machines from Europe: Machineryzone

Construction Equipment: Europe-Construction-Equipment

Mainly European Machinery: Machinerypark

Machinery Website from Middle East: Plant & Equipment

Used road trucks for sale?

Where can I find used trucks?

There are hundreds of websites for used trucks. From our point of view it is better to select one of the larger truck suppliers for used vehicles. The smaller back-yard traders often have a different understanding how to prepare a used truck for next user. And in many cases the mileage will be modified.

Links to reasonable and established truck websites


Send someone to inspect a used truck before you buy, especially from unknown suppliers. An inspection will cost maybe 300 Euro if you send a friend and maybe 650 if you send a professional service such as Mevas. Replacing a clutch or a broken axle will cost far more.

Used Cranes for sale?

Where to find good used cranes?

There are not many specific websites for used cranes. However, we have listed a few and you can have a look if they have the crane for sale you need. Advice: There are many brokers involved in crane trading. Always ask where the crane is and if it is ready for sale. Often cranes are still in use and already advertised but still operating. This makes the process sometimes complicated.

Machinery Websites with Cranes for sale

Crane Inspection

If you found a used crane which is for sale make sure you send an expert for an inspection. Most cranes in Europe get statutory inspections. However, this does not include any information about the condition of non-safety related items. A professional crane inspector can perform functional test and check all crane items. One service for this purpose you can find at crane-inspectors.com


Carefully check if a used crane is worth the money they are asking for it. Check if the crane really exists and is for sale.

Used Drills

Where to find used engineering drill rigs, rock drills for blast holes and pile drivers?

We think there is no independent platform with only used drilling and piling equipment. So we have created some search links which can help to find used civil engineering equipment.

Civil Engineering Machinery for sale?

Please try our links to sales websites. If you have other sources in mind where people can find good equipment leave a comment. The links are dedicated to find used drilling rigs, used pile drivers, desanders, hydrohammers, vibrators kelly bars, diagraphm wall grapples and other drill stuff.

Related Brands

Not much of such special equipment in the market and just a few dealers specialized in it. We list a few brands here. If you ever need an independent inspection on a used civil engineering equipment you can contact us for more info and an offer.


One of the oldest websites for used equipment

There is a website for any kind of industrial used equipment. Resale has listed wood working machinery, CNC-machinery, machines for packaging, food processing, waste disposal and compressed air technology. There are hundreds of items for sale. Be sure you don’t get trapped with a non-existing offer. Send someone for inspection.

Link to resale.de


Omne of the best websites in central Europe for used industrial equipment.