About this site

What is this site for? It can take you hours to search and find used heavy machinery. It can take you hours to find back where you were searching. You change the device? Your bookmarks are often lost.

www.used-equipment.de is easy to remember and a one-page stopp to find back to heavy machinery websites. We have created some searches for specific machinery. Regularly updates will safe time and help finding the right second hand machine.

Is it for free?

It is not only for free. The site is not following you. The site does not set any cookies. There is no need to sign up. Just remember used-equipment.de to return for your future searches for used heavy machinery. No obligations. No interest in your data.

Who made this website?

This little project is an idea of Mevas. Mevas is a heavy machinery inspection service. If you find a used machine and you want to buy it, we might be able to help with an unbiased inspection. This is the only commercial background of this web project.

What kind of websites are linked?

We are linking to websites with:

By the way, if you click directly to a post (header) you can leave a comment in the section below. If it is reasonable it will be published. Feel free to contribute.

Special service: Heavy Machinery Valuation

Mevas offers an online-evaluation-service for used heavy machinery. If you need to determine the residual value of an excavator, wheel-loader, a backhoe or a used bulldozer Mevas can help for a small fee. Read more about the service of used heavy machinery valuation online service.

A total different topic

If you are interested in learning and discussing how to insulate your house against the next coming heat wave have a look to www.casa-fresca.net

And who is Mevas France?

Read more about MEVAS activities in France and why there is a second company with the same name.