Month: May 2021

Used Drills

Where to find used engineering drill rigs, rock drills for blast holes and pile drivers?

We think there is no independent platform with only used drilling and piling equipment. So we have created some search links which can help to find used civil engineering equipment.

Civil Engineering Machinery for sale?

Please try our links to sales websites. If you have other sources in mind where people can find good equipment leave a comment. The links are dedicated to find used drilling rigs, used pile drivers, desanders, hydrohammers, vibrators kelly bars, diagraphm wall grapples and other drill stuff.

Related Brands

Not much of such special equipment in the market and just a few dealers specialized in it. We list a few brands here. If you ever need an independent inspection on a used civil engineering equipment you can contact us for more info and an offer.

One of the oldest websites for used equipment

There is a website for any kind of industrial used equipment. Resale has listed wood working machinery, CNC-machinery, machines for packaging, food processing, waste disposal and compressed air technology. There are hundreds of items for sale. Be sure you don’t get trapped with a non-existing offer. Send someone for inspection.

Link to


Omne of the best websites in central Europe for used industrial equipment.

PSI – Pre-Shipment-Inspections for used machinery

If you are looking to purchase used machinery it might make sens to get it inspected prior to shipping. Mevas offers such pre-delivery inspection service.